[Featured Article] “WZDX – A Bold Initiative for the Future of Work Zone Safety” for ITS America

Graphic explaining the WZDx initiative and process from start to finish by one.network

National Work Zone Awareness Week began in 2000 as a way for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to bring much-needed national attention to motorist and worker safety in the work zone. Next week, April 11 – 15, we’ll observe it once again to broaden and increase that awareness. There is, however, another FHWA program that needs critical attention right now that can help get us closer to a Vision Zero reality: WZDx. 

Read more about WZDx in the full article by our Chief Product Officer Adam Graham at ITS America> https://itsa.org/wzdx-a-bold-initiative-for-the-future-of-work-zone-safety/