WZDx: The Future of Transportation

Work zones and temporary road events are a major contributor to traffic collisions. Without adequate knowledge of what’s happening on the highways, workers and road users alike are put at risk. WZDx is designed to fix that problem.

The FHWA launched the Work Zone Data Initiative to help solve the challenge of disorganized, siloed data around work zones, with the aim of both improving work zone safety and preparing US roadways for the emergence of connected and autonomous vehicles.

We explore how departments of transportation and road agencies can pave the way for tomorrow’s highways with standardized, easily-accessible work zone activity data.

Download The Whitepaper

Download The Whitepaper

Learn how road agencies and transportation departments can pave the way for tomorrow’s highways

  • TomTom
  • Google
  • Department For Transport
  • Eurovia
  • Northern Gas Networks
  • Cadent