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12 June 2024

Enhancing Road Safety and Efficiency: Hillsborough County’s Strategic Partnership with Causeway


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Kieran Holloway

US Marketing Manager

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Hillsborough County is taking a significant leap forward in road and work zone management through a strategic partnership with, a pioneer in digital solutions for road management. This collaboration is set to transform the way the County communicates road closures, manages work zones, and interacts with the public, leveraging a suite of advanced tools designed to create a comprehensive road construction communication solution.


A Comprehensive Right of way Management Ecosystem

Hillsborough County’s adoption of Traffic Management, Plan Share, and Live Link modules marks a pivotal advancement in addressing work zone permitting, right-of-way management, and safety. These tools collectively offer an end-to-end solution, streamlining operations from the initial permitting phase, through the work zone management, all the way to publication via commercial navigation providers.


Plan Share: Revolutionizing Right of Way Permitting

Plan Share is the first step of the right-of-way ecosystem and represents a leap forward in the permitting process. In collaboration with Hillsborough County’s existing permitting work flow, It allows external teams, contractors, and other stakeholders to apply for right-of-way and work zone closure permits within a user-friendly, map-based interface. This system streamlines the submission and review process and provides agencies with a comprehensive overview of the potential impacts on traffic flow. By centralizing permit requests and approvals, Plan Share eliminates redundancies and accelerates decision-making, ensuring that all projects proceed with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.


Traffic Management : Expanding Horizons

The Traffic Management module stands as a pivotal solution for fostering interagency and cross-agency collaboration, offering a unified operational truth for all planned road activities. This dynamic platform empowers county employees and neighboring agencies to coordinate and communicate road closures, work zones, detour routes, and bus lane suspensions efficiently. By centralizing the management of these events in near real-time, it ensures that every stakeholder — from city planners to traffic engineers across jurisdictions — can access and act on consistent, accurate data. This collaborative approach not only bolsters road safety but also streamlines the flow of information, guaranteeing that road users are informed of any disruptions promptly.


Live Link: Connecting Work Zones to the World

Perhaps the most dynamic among the trio, Live Link offers a gateway for real-time communication between work zones and the driving public. It allows authorized personnel to instantly update major navigation providers about lane closures, reduced speed limits, and work zone activity with just a few clicks on a mobile app, directly from the field. This level of immediacy in updating road conditions not only enhances driver awareness and safety but also aids in reducing congestion by informing navigation decisions in real-time.


Statewide Coordination and Enhanced Public Communication

The agreement with Hillsborough County not only strengthens statewide coordination efforts with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and other regional bodies but also exemplifies’s commitment to enhancing road safety and efficiency across Florida. As this partnership unfolds, the integration of Traffic Management, Plan Share, and Live Link modules is poised to create a seamless ecosystem for managing road disruptions, benefiting county employees, contractors, and the wider driving public.


Empowering Hillsborough County with Industry Leading Tools

Beyond the individual capabilities of each module, Hillsborough County will gain access to the comprehensive SaaS platform, enhancing its operational tools for traffic teams and providing a public-facing interface for greater community involvement. This platform will serve as a critical operational tool, enabling transparent communication and fostering a more informed and engaged driving community.

As Hillsborough County embarks on this journey with, the focus on reducing congestion, enhancing safety, and improving communication underscores a shared vision for a future where road management is not just efficient but also inclusive and responsive to the needs of every road user.