Traffic Management

Unified work zone and ROW management that drives operational efficiency across teams

Traffic Management is an intuitive tool that has transformed how road agencies and contractors plan, coordinate and communicate any right of way intervention, from work zones to sporting events. The collaborative map-based interface streamlines workflows and enables crystal clear communication between stakeholders, and ultimately the public.

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Why use Traffic Management?

Unburden your teams with digital workflows that save time and create industry-leading data

Enhance data to improve usability

Input, aggregate and enhance all work zones, permits, events and maintenance of traffic plans within a single operational view that reflects changes to the public instantly.

Standardize and automate workflows

Unlock capacity across teams with standardized application processes, documentation templates and automated stakeholder communications .

Influence journeys to boost safety

Traffic Management enables agencies to seamlessly curate road event data, maintain high-quality WZDx feeds and directly integrate with Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, TomTom and Here.

Key features

Digital Enablement

Increase efficiency through better collaboration

  • Transform coordination with a single, intuitive map-based interface that aggregates and enhances all road incidents, work zones, events and MOT plans.
  • Visualize historic, real-time and planned work zones, events and MOT plans to better manage disruption on the network.
  • Enable seamless cross-jurisdictional collaboration through the public-facing map and real-time Open APIs configured for WZDx and all leading navigation-apps.

Seamless Communication

Improve public and stakeholder engagement

  • Ensure accurate work zone information and MOT plans are instantly communicated to the public and key stakeholders.
  • Automate stakeholder documentation creation and email alerts to save time and improve visibility.
  • Help the public better understand what is happening on your network and who is responsible.

Smarter Coordination

Reduce disruption and unnecessary congestion

  • Better plan works and mitigate the impact of interventions through a single operational view of all historical, active and planned works on the network.
  • More easily collaborate with neighboring agencies to avoid clashes and reduce the likelihood of unexpected congestion hotspots.
  • Contribute to sustainability and Vision Zero objectives by providing the road event data that underpins better planning, communication and safety initiatives.

More features

Live Link

Communicate closures to drivers via nav-apps

Improve journeys and road safety by integrating Live Link and push real-time lane and road closure information directly to navigation apps.

Plan Share

Integrate and simplify permitting workflows

The Plan Share module streamlines permit management for your supply chain and the public, with intuitive map-based experiences and dashboards that save time and money.

Event Management

Manage and communicate disruption seamlessly

Use Traffic Management to transform the planning, coordination and communication of disruption on your network caused by major events; from game days to marathons.

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