Connected Work Zones’s intuitive Live Link solution allows agencies to easily communicate road and lane closures right from the work zone, pushing that crucial information directly out to drivers through our data partners, including Google Maps, Waze and TomTom.

Join forward-thinking organizations who share our vision for safer, connected work zones:

Improve safety

Save lives by sharing work zone and crew locations with drivers via GPS providers, trucking software and connected vehicle applications.

Influence drivers

Keep traffic away from work zones, incidents, weather events and hazards by alerting road users about disruptions in advance and as they happen.

Increase collaboration

Create a single, clear and accurate view of all work zone locations to simplify coordination across teams and jurisdictions.

Communicate work zones and lane closures with road users like never before

With Live Link, you’ll no longer have to worry about outdated data. Now you can rest assured your information is accurate and timely, increasing worker and driver safety and reducing frustration at every level of your community.

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Automatically communicate network changes to the public

With Live Link, traffic management and work zone teams can plan lane or road closures ahead of time, with simple and easy-to-use applications. Plus, they can respond quickly to emergencies, always keeping the public up-to-date with changes to the road network.

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Protect your workforce by alerting drivers of temporary speed limits and that workers are present

Improve visibility of changing work zone conditions, by flagging when workers are present and setting temporary speed limits associated with the lane closure.

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Influence drivers through our navigation app and connected vehicle partners is proud to have built strong partnerships with the world’s leading GPS providers. Our platform is market-proven by over 200 road agencies across the UK, enabling partners like Google Maps, GM, Ford, Waze and TomTom to trust and further invest in their integrations with in the United States.

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