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one.network is the leading road management platform that connects agencies, contractors and utilities with the public. Our intuitive map-based solution, enables agencies to seamlessly plan, manage and communicate work zones and any change to the road network, via a platform that integrates with major GPS providers like Waze, Google Maps and TomTom.

Innovative road agencies are using one.network to share essential road event data across internal teams, neighboring jurisdictions, construction crews and the public, unlocking significant value as a result:

Improve safety

Keep traffic away from work zones, incidents, and hazards by alerting road users about planned and emergency disruptions in real-time.

Increase efficiency

Centralize the planning, coordination and communication of works that impact your network with an intuitive, map-based interface.

Drive engagement

Ensure public road users and key stakeholders are always informed of changes to the road network, while improving journey times and agency reputation.

Streamline the planning, coordination and communication of work zones

The one.network platform presents a single, intuitive interface designed to drive efficiencies across departments. Input, aggregate and visualize all road incidents, work zones and events within one operational view, and publish to publicly available web maps and GPS providers via WZDx compliant APIs.

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Influence journeys and driver behavior with WZDx ready data integrations

Enable teams to map and publish lane closures and other site information directly from the work zone with the Live Link app. This critical information is seamlessly pushed to one.network data partners, including Google Maps, Waze, Here and TomTom.

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Increase efficiency across teams with collaboration enhancing solutions

The one.network platform unites road agencies, utilities and the public. With Plan Share, agencies can accelerate works schedules by receiving plan submissions directly from utilities and contractors within the platform, simplifying application and approval processes.

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Boost public engagement with intuitive online maps and email alerts

Plan, create, publish and instantly share accurate road event and right of way information with the public and regional agency partners via accessible map embeds, email alerts and APIs configured for the WZDx.

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