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14 September 2022 and HAAS Alert collaborate to protect work zone crews and drivers with comprehensive simple to use solution

Share this article:, an innovative road management software as a service (SaaS) technology provider, today announced a new partnership with HAAS Alert to integrate work zone information into Safety Cloud®, the industry-leading V2X platform for real-time road hazard data. The marriage of’s platform and Live Link software with HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud will allow road crews in work zones to deliver real-time alerts with unprecedented accuracy directly into vehicles and to drivers, adding a critical layer of road safety and collision prevention for crews in the field. Chief Product Officer Adam Graham says this collaboration showcases both companies’ commitment to saving the lives of workers and the drivers who transition through work zones.

 “We both recognized the potential to maximize our products through this partnership. The result is a first in transportation – a simple intuitive solution that delivers important safety information with unparalleled speed and accuracy, right into the dash of drivers approaching work zones.”

– Adam Graham, Chief Product Officer,’s platform offers the most advanced solution available today for planning, authorizing, and managing road construction projects. Working directly with WAZE and Google Maps among others, the company’s Live Link solution allows agencies and work crews to deliver information on lane closures and openings, and even whether workers are present, all with the push of a button on’s Live Link app. Projects and work zones marked as “Active” through’s Live Link module will connect directly to Safety Cloud, delivering real-time “Slow Down, Move Over” alerts to drivers and motorists approaching work zones. The collaboration will be part of a major pilot this fall as the Florida Department of Transportation deploys Live Link throughout the state.

Safety Cloud by HAAS Alert is a real-time Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) platform that delivers digital alerts from active roadway hazards, including emergency vehicles and roadway infrastructure, to consumer vehicles and navigation applications. Millions of drivers across the country today receive real-time digital alerts from fire apparatus, police vehicles, ambulances, towing and recovery trucks, and other Safety Cloud-equipped vehicles through popular navigation applications and via the infotainment screens of select vehicles including Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Chrysler. Safety Cloud alerts provide drivers with advance warning of upcoming hazards and have been shown to reduce the likelihood of collisions by up to 90%.

Cory Hohs, CEO and Co-Founder of HAAS Alert, says that the new partnership is a natural fit for Safety Cloud.

“For the thousands of roadway agencies and operators alerting on our platform every day , digital alerting is more than just an exciting use case for vehicle-to-vehicle technology; it’s a lifesaving tool that helps prevent collisions and get people home safely. shares our commitment to building a safer and more connected transportation ecosystem, and we’re excited to bring the benefits of direct-to-vehicle digital alerting to the agencies and companies that trust to plan and execute their work every day.”

– Cory Hohs, CEO and Founder, HAAS Alert

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