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11 December 2021 featured on leading traffic & transportation podcast 

Share this article: CEO, James Harris, and Chief Commercial Officer, Simon Topp, were recently featured on an episode of Driving Me Crazy, a leading transportation, traffic, and transit podcast hosted by Denver traffic expert Jayson Luber.

Simon and James joined Jayson for an hour-long episode discussing the launch of in the United States and its impact on the national road network.

As a longtime Denver citizen and traffic expert, Jayson has seen firsthand the need for a smarter mobility solution for drivers and road agencies alike. The launch of marks an exciting time for traffic experts, giving both road users and transportation officials greater transparency around both upcoming and real-time traffic interruptions.
Jayson is acutely aware of the issues caused by lack of communication on the road network, he explains in the podcast.

“I’ve brought up basically your same premise to our DoT here in Colorado. When there’s a road project, road construction, whatever it is, there’s always a foreman that’s in charge of the road crews. That foreman is usually just sitting in the truck making sure everybody’s doing what they’re supposed to be doing, but they could easily take their phone and make a call to their operations center that’s out in the West side of Metro Denver, and say, ‘Hey, we just closed down this lane,’ or ‘We are now all clear and everything is open.’ That doesn’t happen. I can’t for the life of me, I cannot get these people to get the information from one side to the other. It’s stunning! How are you able to do that?”

– Jayson Luber, Driving you Crazy Podcast Host & Denver traffic expert

“Technology is only part of the answer. Technology needs to be accompanied by cultural change, and the trick to what we’ve done in the UK is to provide value back to the traffic operations teams. They’re using all of the other data in the platform, in order to be able to plan better, monitor conditions on the highway network in conjunction with activities that are happening on the ground. So, there’s huge value coming back to them and they’re actually being incentivized to provide better quality information.”

– James Harris, CEO & Founder,

Listen to’s episode on the Driving Me Crazy podcast today to hear more of the conversation between Jayson, James, and Simon, where they discuss the challenges of inclement Colorado weather, the parallels between UK and US traffic data silos, and the “game changing” nature of the platform.

Listen Now: “This is really a game changer in real time traffic information”, episode 184, Driving Me Crazy podcast.