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15 February 2023 partners with Drivewyze to improve lane closure and work zone safety programs

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Partnership offers DOTs improved data quality, reach, and performance. It sets a new benchmark in safety by sending’s lane closure and work zone mapping data to Drivewyze’s platform, providing in-cab commercial truck safety alerts to drivers., a leading road management and work zone data technology provider, today announced a new partnership with Drivewyze, a leader in the transportation technology industry that builds innovative solutions for commercial vehicle fleets, drivers, and transportation infrastructure owners and operators. With this partnership, is improving the quality of data regarding work zones and lane closures that are provided to state transportation agencies. This information is then extended into Drivewyze’s connected truck network via in-cab alerts to improve roadway safety.’s platform offers the most advanced solution available today for managing and sharing lane closure, work zone and roadway disruption information with GPS providers, which can now be displayed in commercial motor vehicles through the Drivewyze platform. This will provide drivers with a “heads up” to upcoming lane closures and work zones allowing time to slow down or take an alternative route. With this platform, state transportation agencies can also manage their work zone and lane closure information directly through’s Live Link application.

The addition of lane closure and work zone safety programs is the newest offering within the Drivewyze Smart Roadways alerts portfolio available to state transportation agencies. Using’s application, construction crews can activate and deactivate lane closures from the field, providing improved data quality over traditional lane closure and work zone programs. To disseminate this data,’s data feeds can be pushed to passenger vehicles and smartphone applications via popular GPS providers and routing apps and now, through this partnership, to Drivewyze’s network of cross-platform connected trucks.

“Today offers improved work zone and lane closure data to connected vehicles and the motoring public. With this partnership, Drivewyze can extend these work zone and lane closure safety programs into commercial motor vehicles, offering state agencies a unique one-to-many reach across the regulated and, historically, fragmented trucking industry.”

– Brian Heath, CEO, Drivewyze

In addition, the joint offering delivers industry-first performance reporting on the program’s connected truck reach and impact on driver behaviors, which allows transportation agencies to adopt the service as an extension of their state highway safety and traveler information programs. Truck drivers receive Drivewyze safety notifications free of charge through Drivewyze’s industry-leading partner network of in-cab telematics and electronic logging devices.

“Lane closures and work zones occur frequently on roadways today. Speeding, weaving, and congestion create dangerous environments for other drivers and roadway workers. Our partnership allows alerts to be provided to drivers of all vehicle types, which can help them prepare to slowdown, or change course if there is an alternative route available. This can also dramatically improve safety for other vehicles and for those working on the roadway.

This is the first holistic approach to lane closure and work zone management that addresses data quality, vehicle reach, and impact on driver behavior. It’s exciting to know that commercial vehicles are a key element of this program and that real-time work zone alerts can be ‘pushed out’ to commercial truckers by transportation agencies with a click of a button on’s Live Link application. This addresses a common agency pain point — currently available work zone and lane closure data often does not reflect actual conditions. This changes that.”

– Brian Heath, CEO, Drivewyze

“Fatalities on U.S. roadways continue to increase at an alarming rate and we know that work zones are among the most dangerous areas for trucks to navigate. This partnership has enormous potential to help agencies save the lives of work crews, truck drivers, and all road users.

We’re setting a precedent for the transportation industry by enabling critical lane closure information to be sent straight from the construction worker in the work zone, to the truck driver in the cab, using the largest connected truck network in North America. By working together, we can deliver the right information, at the right time, so drivers can make better decisions and improve work zone safety for all.”

– James Harris, Founder & CEO,

Recent government safety data illustrates the problem and why alerts are needed. The data shows that one out of three fatal crashes in a work zone involved at least one large truck. “Situational awareness — through real-time alerts — can reduce the risk of collisions significantly,” said Heath.

In addition to in-cab alerts, fleets can use the dashboard to see where lane closures are planned in the hours ahead. “This mapping helps fleets work in advance, especially in their major lanes of transport,” said Heath.’s map-based platform empowers agencies to plan, authorize and manage road disruptions across multiple jurisdictions by standardizing traffic data using Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx) feeds, and sharing it with third parties such as GPS providers (Google, Waze, etc.). The company’s Live Link solution also allows agencies and work crews to open and close lanes directly from the work zone using a mobile app, including critical information such as speed restrictions and worker presence. was recently selected by the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) to provide work zone data sharing solutions through its TXShare Cooperative Purchasing Program. The agreement is unique, in that it allows any agency in the United States to simply procure the company’s data sharing solutions through the program.

“We know providing more actionable information to drivers is key to preventing crashes around work zones, which makes this partnership so important. Collectively, we need to do everything we can to make it easier for agencies to access and deploy these life-saving technologies.”

– James Harris, Founder & CEO,

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