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26 June 2024

Enhancing Work Zone Data: From Permitting to Public Action

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Effective right-of-way (ROW) management is crucial for city, county, and state Departments of Transportation (DOTs). It not only ensures smoother traffic flow but also enhances public safety. However, many current permitting solutions fall short of addressing the unique needs of ROW management. A dedicated solution like Plan Share can revolutionize ROW permitting and data quality, ultimately leading to better public engagement and traffic management.

The Challenge: Generic Permitting Solutions

Many cities and counties use permitting systems that are designed for a broad range of permits, from building to environmental permits. While these systems handle general tasks well, they often lack the specific features required for effective ROW management. This includes complex GIS mapping for multi-point closures, conflict detection, and automated approvals. As a result, cities are sometimes left to create makeshift solutions—often little more than Google Forms—that fail to address the complexities of ROW permitting. These in-house systems, though tailored more towards ROW management than generic platforms, often lack critical functionalities and end up being more costly and less effective than anticipated.

Plan Share: A Purpose-Built Solution

Plan Share is a permitting solution specifically designed for ROW management. Being integrated into the agency website, the public can request a permit from the same location they are used to. Whether you’re dealing with a Capital Improvement Project (CIP) contractor or a local PTA planning a community event, Plan Share streamlines the entire process:

  • Advanced GIS Mapping: Accurately map closures with multi-point geometry.
  • Automated Approvals and Conflict Detection: Expedite trusted contractor permits and detect conflicts with existing planned closures.
  • Two-Way Communication: Built-in chat functionality for real-time status updates and issue resolution.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Applicants can track the status of their permits in real time, reducing the need for customer service calls.

Proven Benefits of Plan Share

Plan Share has demonstrated significant benefits globally, including:

Building a Strong Foundation for Traffic Management

Starting with high-quality data at the permitting stage sets the foundation for effective traffic management. Plan Share ensures that data is accurate and comprehensive from the beginning, which is crucial for subsequent stages of traffic management. This high-quality data can then be seamlessly integrated into our Live Link application, enabling real-time updates to major navigation platforms like Google Maps and Waze. This proactive communication reroutes traffic away from work zones, enhancing safety and reducing congestion.

Case Study: Hillsborough County, Florida

Hillsborough County recently adopted Plan Share to improve their permitting workflows. This implementation aims to save time and money while enriching data quality from the start. The integration with existing workflows ensures minimal disruption while maximizing efficiency and safety.

From permitting to public action, effective ROW management is essential for improving work zone data quality and traffic management. Plan Share is a purpose-built solution that addresses the unique needs of ROW permitting, ensuring better data quality, faster approvals, and enhanced public safety.

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