one.network: See the Road Ahead

one.network is a powerful, cloud-based platform that centralizes official data from multiple road agencies, creating a more efficient way to coordinate and communicate planned right of way activity and incidents.

one.networkWe empower transportation agencies with a suite of operational tools, leading to better coordination and communication of traffic disruptions. Our relationships with GPS navigation systems create a direct communication channel to road users, resulting in a smoother, safer network where drivers can reliably navigate away from work zone hazards or other disruptions.

The one.network platform is the brainchild of founder and CEO James Harris. After completely transforming the way road authorities in the UK handle their planned construction and road events, it became clear that our solution is highly transferable—and necessary—to other regions of the world. Encouraged by the success of our technology in the UK—with 98% of road agencies using one.network—and the support of our global partners, one.network launched in the US in August 2020.

Our Mission

To be the global technology leader in road operations planning.

Our Vision

To improve travel, traffic operations and safety by advancing the way road agencies collaborate and communicate.

Our Team
Passionate About Making a Difference through Technology

Excellence in Innovation Awards

  • Highways Awards Winner 2019
  • Street Works UK Awards 2019 Winner
  • Water Industry Awards 2019 Winner - Most Innovative Data and Software Solution Of The Year
  • Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport 2019 Winners
  • Local Council Roads Investment Group Winner 2019