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24 May 2023

Transforming Work Zones in Texas: How the latest connected work zone technologies can improve safety and efficiency 

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Coordinating and communicating disruption on our roadways is vital to increasing safety, reducing congestion and building confidence with the traveling public.

We’ve partnered with smart infrastructure technology leader Iteris to host a 60 minute live webinar – Transforming Work Zones in Texas: How the latest connected technologies can improve safety and efficiency.

We’ll be discussing how counties, cities and public works teams in Texas and beyond can overcome current work zone data challenges, improve internal and cross-jurisdictional communication, and leverage connected work zone technologies to:

  • Streamline workflows.
  • Boost operational efficiency.
  • Increase public engagement.
  • Improve worker and public safety
  • Enhance planning and optimize closures
  • Manage and mitigate congestion

Join us on Thursday June 8th at 14:00 (ET), when you’ll hear from Scott Perley, VP Performance Analytics at Iteris, Rob Foster, Director at and our Chief Product Officer, Adam Graham who co-chairs the Work Zone Data Working Group and is a Voting Member on the FHWA’s new Connected Work Zone Committee.

During the webinar, we’ll demonstrate how agencies can easily deploy the platform and Iteris’ ClearGuide® software to build future-ready processes, and improve work zone safety and efficiency.

You can register for the webinar here.